Tag: Turian


  • Captain Heydes

    Captain of the prison ship _Blue Blood,_ which went down on Calydon. Heydes was captured by Collectors and used as the heart of a huge cyborg mech, which was destroyed by the other survivors.

  • Orellix Kasus

    Well-respected and professional bounty hunter, along with his partner, Eshdan Tolhe. Attempted to capture Khamat several times, but all attempts failed. Was eventually used as a hostage by Khamat in a ploy to convince them both to leave him alone, which …

  • Captain Quintus

    Captain of the passenger vessel _Free Press,_ which Khamat and Ket were aboard when they discovered that the human colony on Olympus had been taken by Collectors. Ket got the two of them on his bad side when she stole the security satellite footage from …