Tag: Krogan


  • Ganar Kraad

    A mercenary for the infamous Blood Pack. Kraad was one of the survivors of the crash on Calydon who lived to tell the tale afterward. Hired [[:statt | Statt]] on as a member of his merc team. He later helped Khamat remove the Reaper threat on Ilium.

  • Weyrlock Nock

    Captured by Collectors after surviving the crash of the _Blue Blood_ on Calydon. Rescued by the other survivors. Promised to buy [[:ganar-kraad | Ganar Kraad]] a drink later.

  • Ukdon Lurex

    Fat krogan working for the Shadow Broker. Had a base in Nos Astra and tried to kill or capture Khamat for the bounty, but was defeated, unwillingly giving up information about the Shadow Broker's operations. Later helped Orellix and Eshdan capture Sykes …