Tag: Human


  • Mark Hermann

    Alliance engineer who was there at the Battle of the Citadel, but doesn't really know what he saw. Fixes ships with his best buddy, Gaza'Val.

  • Hunter Sykes

    Cerberus spy who infiltrated the Shadow Broker's operation to find out why he was working with the Collectors. Recruited Khamat under the auspices of being an archaeologist studying Sovereign, for unknown reasons. His memory of the specifics has been …

  • Aziza Nwosu

    Former Alliance soldier, former CAT-6 agent, Nwosu is now an independent bounty hunter known for her disregard for collateral damage. Failed to kill Khamat on numerous occasions while trying to collect his significant bounty from the Shadow Broker. Was …

  • Conrad

    Engineer aboard the passenger vessel _Free Press._ Was the one who brought Khamat into the cockpit to investigate the communications anomaly trying to get through to the human colony on Olympus.

  • Rasa

    Cerberus operative who really does hate aliens. Would later masquerade as an Alliance officer with the help of Shepard's clone in order to get Shepard out of the way and let his clone take over his life. She was Khamat's contact on Ilium, who put him in …

  • Illusive Man

    Mysterious leader of Cerberus. Liara put Khamat in touch with the organization in order to track down a captured [[:hunter-sykes | Hunter Sykes]] using the Cerberus implant in his brain. Khamat went on to make a deal with the Illusive Man, agreeing to …