Asari ex-assassin


(old version of Fate)

TL 6
CamPL Action Hero
Refresh 7/7

Abilities: 19/25 (4)

Agility 4
Endurance 2
Perception 2
Strength 1

Craft 0
Knowledge 1
Reasoning 1
Willpower 3

Deception 4
Empathy 3
Persuasion 4
Resources 0

I Want To Be Better
Whispered About
Close-Range Biotics Expert

Absolutely Stunning (P)


1 – Ambush Predator – Gain +2 on physical attacks made against an ambushed opponent.
1 – Deadly Grace – substitute agility for strength when unarmed or using a melee weapon.
1 – Fast Talker – Gain +2 on persuasion/deception rolls to convince someone to believe me.
2 – Acrobatic Exploit – Whenever spin is generated on an attack, may move into an adjacent zone as a free action.
2 – Absolutely Stunning – gain the Absolutely Stunning (P) (persuasion) as a persistent specialty aspect.
2 – Body Weaponry (Biotic Blade) – Activation: 1 AP, duration: scene. +1 (Retractable) – WR 6 energy weapon.

0 – Omni-Tool.


Reinforced Vacuum Suit – 3 AR, 4 stress boxes, Restricting (P) Sleek, Black and Form-Fitting
Reinforced Gauntlets – (
2 to unarmed damage) [i]Brass Knuckles, from an Earthling target of some sentimental value
Light Laser Pistol – +6 WR, range 3 – Beam Weapon, Small. Specially Sized For Concealment
Clothes, Eveningwear That Little Black Number
Spider Gear Kit – allows the wearer to climb sheer walls or even hang upside-down. triggered by a magnetic signal Custom-Fit Magnetic Weave (In Reinforced Vacuum Suit)


An assassin previously in the Shadow Broker’s employ who got herself caught to get out of the business…but it’s not working as well as she’d hoped. Also known as the Thessian Widow.

She was one of the survivors of the crash on Calydon who lived to tell the tale afterward. She teamed up with (and dated) Khamat for a while, trying to find Sykes and ruin the Shadow Broker, but eventually Khamat left for his own reasons.


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