Mark Hermann

Human geek engineer


(old version of Fate)

CL: Action Hero
TL: 6

FP Refresh: 7

Human Tech Engineer
Ex-Systems Alliance Navy
See the galaxy they said, have exciting adventures, they said.
Archaic Media Freak
Battle of the Citadel Veteran

3 Agility
2 Endurance
2 Perception
2 Strength

2 Craft
3 Knowledge
2 Reasoning
2 Willpower

2 Deception
2 Empathy
2 Persuasion
2 Resources

Omni-Tool (implanted computer, free)
Weapon Specialist: Pistols (free?)
Black Hat (1 AP)
Digital Spider (1 AP)
Experienced (1 AP)
Fly Boy (1 AP)
I’ve Got Just the Thing (2AP)

Kintetic Shielding
AP Cost 1+1-1 (Insulating, Limitation: omnitool component)
Activation: FP, Free, Scene
grants AR of 9 for duration of the scene.

Damping (Nullify Tech & Biotics)
AP Cost 1+1-1 (improved nullify, limitation: Omni-tool Component)
Activation: Defend, FP to Attack or Block
Activation: Simple
Effect: Roll Knowledge +2 vs. biotic or tech powers. Add Knowledge again as WR if attacking.

Mass Effect Environmental Field (environmental protection, vaccuum/airborne)
AP cost: 1
No activation

Armax Brawler VII (Heavy Gauss Pistol) (Ex-navy)
Kinetic Shielding (armor) (See the galaxy, they said)
OSD labeled “Movies 1900-2050” (film geek)
VI Agent “Audrey” Rating 2 (Aspect: AI Hacker) (Tech Engineer)


Alliance engineer who was there at the Battle of the Citadel, but doesn’t really know what he saw. Fixes ships with his best buddy, Gaza’Val.

Mark Hermann

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